The Cross-Body Handbag

I’m one of those people who have a love-hate affair with handbags. I love carrying a bag around because I can’t live without the everyday essentials – for me that would be my phone, wallet, oversized make-up kit and the trusty iPod filled with my favorite music. But like I said, I do hate carrying a bag sometimes because it can be such a hassle carrying it around all day. If I could just shove my things into my jeans pocket I would – but that would require my jeans to have a million pockets. I usually carry around a wide shoulder bag everyday to the office as it is big enough for my things, but experience has told me that this is not always a good idea especially when you’re traveling. Whenever I travel I always opt to use my classic Coach cross-body bag.

Having this bag is convenient for travelling purposes because first, it helps me keep my things more secure. I usually adjust the strap long enough so that my hand can casually rest on the bag while walking, keeping it safe from pickpockets. Also, my cross-body bag is sized perfectly to hold my passport, money and phone which are basically all the things you need for travelling. Cross-body handbags are convenient and amazingly efficient. If you are in the market for a cross-body handbag, I would suggest that you get a classic one like Coach.

Coach has a wide variety of cross-body bags which can suit different styles and personalities. Since I like the colors black and white, I purchased the monogrammed one in black and white because it will go perfectly with my monochromatic wardrobe. This has saved me from the pain of having to mix and match my clothes everyday because everything automatically has blended well together. Aside from my travels, I also prefer to use the cross-body bag for partying.

I hate having to leave my handbag around while I socialize with friends at a party because I’m always scared that I will lose it. In this day and age, one cannot be too careful. It’s best to keep your things where you can see them. For this purpose, I usually carry around a white quilted cross-body bag with a chain strap. It’s dressy enough for parties but still practical enough to hold my things. I love this bag because it allows me to get a drink whenever I want to, or dance with my friends without having to worry if I’m going to go home drunk and sad because I lost my wallet.