Things to Know About Hobo Designer Bags

It’s often difficult to understand women, or so many men feel. Yet, there is a single thread of thought that unites all the women in this world; their love of luxury handbags. From going to work or to that party, women always love to carry exquisite bags with them.

Going to that party – what women really want

When a woman has to go out for a party, she spends hours to dress up. The attire of a woman is not complete just by wearing the best of accessories. There is another important item, which every woman would like to carry with her and one, that’s considered as important as her dress. It is the handbag. Women, from those with a great sense of fashion to those with a minimal knowledge of fashion, consider a handbag to be more than a mere item that carries all the important stuff. A woman considers that a handbag adds to the look and fashion.

Where do hobo handbags score?

Hobo bags are just the right thing for women. Hobo bags are soft, casual and dressy. The crescent-shaped bag has a flat bottom with zip or buckled top. Hobo has a variety of designer bags which would cater to the taste buds of every woman. Hobo bags offer shoulder bags, cross body bags, top handle bags, tote bags and convertible bags with a variety of colors. The pricing of the bags cater to all the people and are available from a few hundred dollars. Girls having a Hobo designer handbag take pride in calling themselves Hobo girls.

With a less than modest start in Annapolis, Maryland on Toni Ray’s dining room table, Hobo has come a long way over the years with unique handicraft leather accessories created by Toni. The accessories were sent to a store in Washington, DC. Even after so many years, the brand still retains the original design, quality and philosophy. Hobo’s passion and conviction for creating stylish cum utility driven leather accessories continues. It is this quality of Hobo that has caught up with the fancy of women and so it no surprise that Hobo bags today take a lead in attracting women.

Buying Hobo bags wholesale

Did you know that you can buy many of these bags wholesale? Yes, you can buy Hobo designer handbags wholesale easily. Buying these bags wholesale can help you save loads of money. You will get a bag that you will adore for years to come.

Number 8 – Burberry Bridle House Check Small Cross-Body Bag

As is known to all, Burberry is worldly renowned for its distinctive tartan pattern, which has become one of its most copied trademarks in the fashion kingdom. But it is not well known that its check pattern can be divided to various styles, like hay-market check, house check and nova check, just to name a few. Well, this Burberry Bridle Small Cross-body Bag is in classic house check pattern that is elegant and simple.

This cross body bag is mainly crafted in small cotton canvas that in a house check pattern together with fine black leather trim on the top part and the bottom, and inside the bag is soft canvas lining. The bag is measured 23cm x 25xm x 4cm, thus it has a modest capacity for holding all your essentials, and the bag is especially suitable for going shopping or travelling. Its convenient trait is further strengthened by a large exterior patch pocket and two interior patch pockets, which can help organizing your items much more orderly. The exterior pocket is trimmed with leather flap in bridle inspired style and hidden magnetic button closure, while the main compartment of the bag is trimmed with top zip closure with large leather zip tag. This cross body bag is supposed to be worn via a flat leather adaptable cross body strap. As a Burberry bag, except of the house check pattern, it is luxury and conventional in the small metallic Equestrian Knight Emblem at front. This bag details for 495.00 sterling pounds. Perhaps you need the companionship of such an adorable, timeless and handy bag.

How Bags Are Carried

Handbags are fashion accessories that perhaps all women have. They complete and add a stylish finishing touch to any outfit. There are many types and kinds of handbags to choose from. In essence these types are classified according to the bags’ shapes and how the bags are carried.

The shoulder bags are handbags that are meant to be carried on the shoulder. They are purses in various styles and shapes that can hold personal stuffs like cell phones, keys, cosmetics and notepads. These bags may also have small pockets inside where you can keep some trivial things. With the small straps of these bags, they can fit over the shoulder without excessive swaying. There are shoulder bags with a bit longer straps that can be worn across the body in a diagonal way. Shoulder bags are most commonly used bags by women.

Messenger bags are also known as cross body bags since they are worn diagonally across the wearer’s chest. In essence these bags are great choices if you want a bag that you have less chances of losing. Travelers and students are avid user of messenger bags.

Handheld bags, as the name suggests, are carried and held by the hand. These bags have small handles. They are bigger than clutch bags but smaller than shoulder bags. Back in time, all purses were hand carried or hand held. In fact it sometimes is awkward to carry a handheld bag because you may be undecided if you will swing your arms with the hand holding the bag or just keep it steady near your body. No matter what, women carrying this style of handbags stylishly appeals to men.

The clutch bags or purses have no handles, thus they are to be carried with your arm or you can also tuck them under your arms. In the history of bags, these clutch purses were originally made small and used solely for evening occasions. They can carry small items like lipstick, driving license, keys or cards. Yet through the years, there were clutch bags in bigger sizes and some even have small straps that can be placed around the wrist. Clutch bags may be soft, may have a hard frame or a case. They may also come with zipper, drawstring, push lock or other closures.

Tote bags are usually canvass bags that are open on top and with only a single compartment. These are big bags that can be worn over the shoulders so they would fall just around the elbow’s length. With their big sizes, tote bags are perfect for shopping, beach and other outdoor fun activities.

Backpacks are another type of bags that are popular among the students and other people who are in need of bags with bigger spaces. Backpacks can be used to carry books and other heavy items. These have two separate straps so they can be worn over the back. There are backpacks made of nylon, leather or canvas and they are used in hiking, camping, traveling and others.

Tips While Gifting Cross Body Bags to Impress Your Special One

Cross body bags are women favorite all the time. Girls have big crush on handbags. They are crazy for them. Everyone have a female friend, girlfriend or wife. So guys, it is very easy to impress your loved one. Women love to receive gifts and if the gift is in the form of their favorite cross body bags than it is pleasurable. You can gift these stylish purse on their birthday, their success, their good work or any other occasion.

Buying the gift for girls is not easy job. It is very difficult to make them happy. So you just need to care for some important factors before buying handbag gift for them. Your special one should get the best of their choice and liking. So go thorough with the mentioned tips to win her love and trust for you:-

You should know what is her favorite color
Yes, colors matters a lot. Some girls like bight color and some like dark colors. So try to know her taste of color so that when she opens the gift she must feel happy with the charm of her favorite color.

You should also consider the purpose of use
Yes, purpose of usage matters. You have to care for it. You must know that whether she is going to use these bag in office, college or parties? There are different kind of cross body bags according to usage, purpose and occasions. You should choose the best suitable purse according to her pattern of use.

Gift her a handbag matching with her most of dresses
Girl like matching accessories and you must have seen her dresses. Now you can gift a carry-on matching with her dresses, so she carry it wherever she goes and recall you.

Consider her height while buying the gift
Cross body bags are being made in different varieties and designs. If she has good height than buy a bag with long strap and short strap bag for average height.

Take care of space also
Some girls carry lots of things with them and some carry only important items. So need of space in bag varies. You should choose the bag according to her requirement.

Prefer the bags with zip lock
Open mouth bags are not very secure. So prefer to gift the cross body bag with zip lock. It gives a relax to the owner and secure the important items.

If you take care of these points, for sure, you are going to give her a pleasant surprise. She will never forget it.