Designer Bag Styles for You on the Go

Stepping out of the house? So, what are the three things that you cannot forget when leaving your home? You cannot forget your car keys, mobile phones or your handbag. These account for the three most important things that a woman must have by her side when leaving home.

When it comes to handbags, you need to keep in mind not only the latest trends and styles, but also make sure that your handbag’s style goes well with your attire and gives you an elegant and complete look.

Some popular designer bag styles which look good when going out have been described below.

Tote bags

Tote bags go well with different types of every day casual wear as they are available in various sizes, colors and shapes. Tote bags are also in demand as a woman can put in a lot of her stuff if going out for long hours. Always choose a tote bag which compliments your figure.

Cross Body

Cross body bags are so easy and convenient to use as they can be slung over the body, and you do not have to bother holding it in your hands. Choose from a Kooba Cross body, or even a Leroy or Michael Kors Cross body. These bags are just what you need to grab if going out normally for a fun-filled evening.


Another style which goes well with every day wear is satchels. Satchels look great with denim shirt and trousers and give you the perfect casual look you wish to make. Resting on your elbow, they add a pop of style instantly. Choose one from the Marc Jacobs range of Satchels as they are casual, but really stylish for daily use.

You don’t only need to choose designer bags. You can also choose a wallet.

If you really want to keep it simple, just grab a bright-colored wallet as the color makes it visible enough even though wallets are small. A Miu Miu or Coach wallet in neon or white colors is just what you need to keep your hands light in full style. Grab them in your hands or slip them under your arms to make it look right.

There are other options as well if you want to buy these designer items at great prices. You can buy designer handbags wholesale and save money with the low wholesale prices. It is easy. Just use Google to search the Internet for designer handbags wholesale., There are thousands of wholesalers to choose your next handbag.

How to Wear a Cross Body Bag

Cross body handbags are one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years, with this design being able to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. There are also numerous high street and designer options in many different styles, which means that there really is a style that will suit everyone and fit all different types of budget too.

This kind of handbag, however, can be relatively difficult to style, with many people not knowing whether it is more suited for a day look or an evening look, or if it suits their particular body shape. Others can be concerned with how large the bag should be, or how low it should hang.

The first thing to bear in mind is that cross body handbags are a great practical option; that is to say they are much more about a blend of style and practicality rather than just a stylish accessory. These are the bags that you will take out shopping with you, or on a day out when you need your wallet, sunglasses, makeup, cardigan, your phone and a spare pair of ballerina flats.

Of course, these bags – like every type of bag – will vary in size and how much you can fit in them, but the fact remains that they are a practice absolution that can hold all your essential stuff and be easy to wear.

The golden rule to styling any bag to suit your body shape is to choose one that is in proportion to your body. This is, in fact, a golden rule for anything you wear on your body, but is especially true of these accessories as they make up an eye-catching part of your outfit.

If you are petite in size, it is best to therefore go for cross body handbags that also smaller in size, so you are not overpowered by a large bag that can make you look like you are labored with a mail man’s sack! Larger ladies can wear larger designs, as this will put their figures into proportion, whereas smaller bags can make them look larger by comparison.

Although many are concerned that their bag simply holds all of their things rather than puts their body in proportion, this is something to bear in mind if you are styling an outfit that you want to look great in, perhaps for a special occasion or a date.

It is important to consider how you wear your cross body too, as straps that are too long can make the item very uncomfortable and impractical to wear. On the other hand, straps that are too short can be both uncomfortable and stylish in their own way.

The solution to this is searching for a bag that suits your height. Ideally bags should hang by your hip or above, with one of the most popular looks at the moment involving the bag hanging by the wearer’s midriff. If the strap is too long, however, there are several things that you can do to remedy the situation.

One of these is to alter the strap of the bag yourself, although this will require some skills and you can risk ruining the bag. Look online for tutorials from fashions who can give you step by step instructions on this depending on the material that your bag is made from.

Another solution – and an extremely trendy one – is to simply tie a knot in the top of a strap that is too long beforehand it. This knot is actually a style statement in itself, and makes a great addition to a casual or grungy outfit.

Our final tip for styling cross body handbags is remembering to match your outfit with the level of elegance that your bag has. A school like satchel can look great as a casual day look, but will look out of place on an evening out. For the latter occasion however, a delicate cross body adorned with chains or crystals can look very fitting.

The Cross-Body Handbag

I’m one of those people who have a love-hate affair with handbags. I love carrying a bag around because I can’t live without the everyday essentials – for me that would be my phone, wallet, oversized make-up kit and the trusty iPod filled with my favorite music. But like I said, I do hate carrying a bag sometimes because it can be such a hassle carrying it around all day. If I could just shove my things into my jeans pocket I would – but that would require my jeans to have a million pockets. I usually carry around a wide shoulder bag everyday to the office as it is big enough for my things, but experience has told me that this is not always a good idea especially when you’re traveling. Whenever I travel I always opt to use my classic Coach cross-body bag.

Having this bag is convenient for travelling purposes because first, it helps me keep my things more secure. I usually adjust the strap long enough so that my hand can casually rest on the bag while walking, keeping it safe from pickpockets. Also, my cross-body bag is sized perfectly to hold my passport, money and phone which are basically all the things you need for travelling. Cross-body handbags are convenient and amazingly efficient. If you are in the market for a cross-body handbag, I would suggest that you get a classic one like Coach.

Coach has a wide variety of cross-body bags which can suit different styles and personalities. Since I like the colors black and white, I purchased the monogrammed one in black and white because it will go perfectly with my monochromatic wardrobe. This has saved me from the pain of having to mix and match my clothes everyday because everything automatically has blended well together. Aside from my travels, I also prefer to use the cross-body bag for partying.

I hate having to leave my handbag around while I socialize with friends at a party because I’m always scared that I will lose it. In this day and age, one cannot be too careful. It’s best to keep your things where you can see them. For this purpose, I usually carry around a white quilted cross-body bag with a chain strap. It’s dressy enough for parties but still practical enough to hold my things. I love this bag because it allows me to get a drink whenever I want to, or dance with my friends without having to worry if I’m going to go home drunk and sad because I lost my wallet.