Why Every Women Should Have a Cross Body Bag in Their Closet, Especially a Leather Cross Body Bag

This may be a strong statement to declare but nevertheless, this should be stated out loud. Every woman should have a leather cross body bag in their closet! Now the first question is, why cross body bags? Of the many reasons why women like cross body bags in general, the first one is because of its convenience.

Cross body bags, unlike clutches and wristlets, can come in larger sizes where any woman can put all the things she need inside. Aside from that, these purses can be worn around the body without it getting in the way while walking or doing other simple tasks. These handbags usually have long straps but some have straps adjustable in length and that means the owner of this kind can actually use the bag as a shoulder bag or across the body bag whenever she likes. There are leather cross body bags with adjustable strap lengths available in many stores and in several online stores as well.

Secondly, cross body bags are one of the favorites of many women because of the sense of security this purse gives to the owner. Since it is worn around the body, this handbag is difficult to steal. Because of its long strap, a thief will surely find it hard to take it away from the owner’s body or grasp just like a finger snap.

Third, these bags are always stylish and fashionable. They are never out of fashion. Several styles of cross body bags are available in the market. There’s a quilt cross body bag, leather, a canvas, a cloth, and a lot more types of cross body bags to match the wearer’s personality and mood. Styles of cross body bags, just like any other type of bag, evolve as fashion trends change.

Fourth, for many women, prices for these designer type of bags are very reasonable. Of course people do not expect designer bags, whatever type of bag they may be, to sale for a very cheap price. Nonetheless, non-designer cross body handbags are very cost-effective. Purses, clutches and wristlets are all small bags where a woman can’t put too many things inside without the bag appearing obnoxious. Although that’s the case with purses, clutches and wristlets, these bags can cost the same price more than a cross body bag where a woman can apparently do so much more with.

Those four reasons are enough to convince one why every woman should get a cross body bag. Now the second question follows: why leather cross body bag? The answer is simple. It’s because every woman should get a kind of bag that she can use on a daily basis without worrying that it will be ripped, torn or slashed so easily. Leather has proven its durability and toughness. Leather bags are made for daily use and they can come in various shades and designs. And lastly leather always brings out a chic and classy look that matches any woman’s outfit.

Satchel Bags Are Hot This Season

The satchel bag is not a new idea but it’s been given a whole new style and class with this selection from My Bag! It’s a great choice to have if you want to have a decent size bag that’s easy to carry. They all have a simple carry handle on top as well as shoulder straps for wearing them across your body. If you need to a new handbag then this is what you should be getting this season. They’re all beautifully designed and made from the finest quality materials. The designers have put a lot of thought into what women want from a bag and there are various pockets for different things.

Wearing one of these cross body bags can be done in a couple of ways. Wear it so the strap diagonally slices you in two – this is best if you have very little bust as it’ll emphasise it! If you have a big bust then you should steer clear of wearing the bag this way. Have the strap higher so it cuts across the top of your ribs and goes under your arm. Or wear it so the bag is at the front so people looking at you can see your bag! You should wear it this way when you’re on public transports as it prevents anyone from dipping into your bag without you noticing.

The square-cut style of the bags is tempered on some by the sloping in sides that make it look less school satchel like – but for some that’s a real bonus as it’s a very smart look! Decide which one you like best and treat yourself!